Sunday, February 12, 2006

Le Hockey

Saturday morning, I went to see our class women's hockey team play against our second year's team. They lost, but it was fun to watch, anyways. I tried to remember the last time that I actually went to a hockey game. If memory serves me right, it was in Rockland, Ontario, back after Guy Lafleur retired for the first time (from the Canadiens). I forget why he was playing, and who he was playing against, but I was a huge fan of his, and to watch him play in a small arena like Rockland's (where he had played so often as a kid, too) was a real pleasure.

It's funny, I was such a big fan of Guy back in the beginning of the eighties, I watched every game that was on the tube, with my Canadiens sweater on, and my hockey stick in my hands. Last night, I watched 'Bend it Like Beckham', and was reminded of that worship. I still have a big Lafleur poster up on my bedroom wall, back in Ottawa!


The Mad Scientist said...

Go Habs Go! (although they suck this year - but as much as the leafs)

Tall Medstudent said...

Ah, les Canadiens!

I miss the Nordiques.