Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunset, Sunrise

Yesterday, I came in to school just as the light was fading in the western sky over the mountains, around 10:30 at night. When I finished up my evening of homework, I headed back home; the eastern sky was already very light, at around 4:45.

Let's see, I was going to give a report on the month in meat, but never got around to posting about it. Basically, I want to empty my freezer before I leave town this Friday, so that I can unplug it for the summer. That required my eating up to five chicken breasts per day, about two weeks ago, to finish off what was in there. That coincided with the return of my love of Arby's, who have a four-junior-burgers-with-cheese-for-$5.50 special going on, as well as my classmate Gold Standard's 50-pounds-of-galbi barbeque. In other words, there has been a lot of protein in my life recently.

In other good news, my ophthalmoscope head will be replaced tomorrow with the correct model. Good stuff! I also got a cheap haircut today, that I am very happy with, shockingly so.

I finally have that OSCE tomorrow, that was cancelled due to our SP strike about a month ago... I'm rather unprepared, but oh well, I think that I am good enough to wing it now. Wednesday is our final exam for the year. It'll be the sunset on my first year of medschool; sunrise of second year will be in east Africa, in 2.5 weeks. :)


Marysienka said...

Hope the OSCE went well!

I'm trying to empty my freezer as well, I still have 2 weeks to eat everything... not sure how it'll finish. Maybe in the garbage. Or I should give you what's left so that you can distribute it in Africa ? :-P

Good luck for your last final. Lucky you.

Anna said...

how was the OSCE? hope it wasn't too traumatic...was cramming for it the cause of your all nighter? good luck for the last one!

what are you doing in africa? (i am intensely jealous. my 4th year starts in less than 2 weeks.... argh)

o, and will you post a pic of the new and old hair so we can compare before and after?!

Tall Medstudent said...

Oh man, the OSCE was fine right up to the last physical exam, something really easy, where I skipped the most important, most basic element of that particular exam. Embarrassing, but oh well, gotta do my part to lower the class average every once in a while. :)

I have a friend here, who is always ready to eat anything that needs to be disposed of, but in this case, he is leaving the country as well this week.

Nah, my almost-all nighter was for a short presentation for the last small group class of the end of the year. Very short thing, but in meds, it seems that it actually matters that our info be accurate, before we present... :)

I'm in Dar es Salaam for three weeks, at various hospitals around town, then one week in Arusha, at a couple of clinics there. I'll have three weeks of holiday in there as well, which will be nice (one in Germany, two around Arusha). I'm especially looking forward to meeting Pumbaa and Timon.

Ah, pics. Hmm, I haven't entered the digital world yet, so no quick pics are forthcoming. :)

Anna said...

poor excuse....

holiday sounds amazing! can we expect copious blogging on the subject, or will you be sans net?

bummer about the OSCE!

Tall Medstudent said...

Blogging is unlikely until August... but you never know; net access is everywhere, so there's nothing physically stopping me. A guy has to check his email every couple of days, after all, if only to delete his spam.

apalazzo said...

Have a great trip! As for the meat - you should have a bbq and dispose of it with drunken abandon.

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