Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seeing Things

I got new glasses today. I have been trying to figure out how they look. I think that 'classy nerd' is the best description.

My new prescription feels weird, though. Before, my glasses were so scratched, that I saw the world in soft focus. Now, it's all hard edges and solid colours.


Anna said...

being a wee bit cheeky, i was just wondering if you had any tips on doing electives in canada? me and my mate are hoping to come over next april/may time. we've been recomended toronto, and the uni there has some placements. so we're looking at doing a placement there, then travelling after. any thoughts on the matter?

(o, and to sweeten you up - my all-girl house is unanimously agreed: guys in glasses = hot)

Bil The Man said...

All girl house! Sounds like trouble.

U, your glasses look depends on your current hair style, how is that going?

You know, I wore contacts exclusively for about 5 years straight, when I got a new pair of glasses it definitely was weird. I was dizzy at first with the perspective changes but I eventually got used to it. Now I can change between them fairly easily. Good luck with the new specs my four-eyed friend!

Tall Medstudent said...

Ah, Toronto is probably the most interesting city in Canada; I lived there for 12 years. If you have a guide that knows the place, it is an awesome place. Easy travel destinations are Niagara Falls for a day trip, Montreal or Ottawa for weekend trips, or even Chicago or NYC, if you have more time. If you're into camping or canoeing, then Algonquin park is one of the better places in Canada for that, about 3 hours drive north. For clubbing, or eating, or hanging out, there's no place in Canada that comes close to Toronto.

Other places in Canada would maybe be a bit quiet for you. Ottawa is nice, but dull. Montreal would be better with some knowledge of French, but would maybe be a good alternative (actually, Montreal is supposed to have the best alternative-alternative music scene in North America at the moment, but I am not sure about that). Vancouver you might like, as well; it's good for skiing (Whistler) in wintertime.

Where I am, Calgary, is a quiet place with little to hold the interest of a traveller. The mountains are nice, if you're a hiker, but they're an hour out of town.

If I was coming to North America for an elective, though, I would probably think of NYC first.

Bil, my hair hasn't looked this good since the beginning of 2004. BTW, I got new contacts too, and had fun trying them out once before I left for Africa. The change in depth perception was weird; it was like I was looking at a stereogram of the world, with distant objects seeming to exist in different planes, à la View-Master.

Anna said...

oooo you are selling toronto! i think this could be the place for us... we are thinking of spending a week in NYC on holiday before heading to toronto for the placement. thanks muchly for the help! i'll keep you posted on decisions.

dare you to post a photograph! then we can all SEE the new glasses and hair and leave some proper comments...

bil - an all girl house is great: clean bathroom, tidy kitchen, no worries drying lingerie on radiators.

Tall Medstudent said...

Well, with the caveat that you need a guide who knows the place! Hmm, it's a tough city to describe, in that its value lies in its diversity of peoples.

Pics, I may post one soon enough, but not of me.

Sounds like a fire hazard!

Marysienka said...

Yup I agree with TMS, Toronto's a good choice. Let me know if you're going to Montreal, it's not that far from where I am ;)

Anna said...

we're planning to do a wee bit of a tour after placements, round canada, so maybe i'll just drop in and visit you both...

thanks for the help!