Friday, May 18, 2007

Keep Your Pants On

I just finished my week of urology. Now, it's the Victoria Day long weekend, but unfortunately, I have to do 24 hours of trauma call starting on Sunday at 8 a.m., so my weekend is shot. Tuesday, gen surg begins in the northeast.

I have one little story from the past week. On Wednesday afternoon, I was following my doc for an afternoon of cystoscopy. That's looking inside peoples' bladders with a scope, in case you're wondering. Well, for one patient, we had to use fluoroscopy, so we had to get on our lead aprons. My lead was different from the ones I have become used to for OR work; it closed at the front, with big velcro strips. After we were done, the doc started writing his notes, and the nurses and radiation tech were talking to the patient. I began to remove my lead. Riiiiiipppp, I pulled open the velcro. Unfortunately, the waistband on my scrubs had adhered to the velcro, so zooop, my pants fell down.

Pretty embarrassing. I'm not sure if anyone actually saw, since I was pretty speedy at getting them back up again. However, I can hardly believe that all of the five other people in the room failed to notice me standing there in my underwear...

Very inappropriate behaviour for a med student.


Random Curiosity said...

LOL! That must have been hilarious! Sorry! Did you notice any one of their shoulders shook violently while trying to keep their heads down? That would be a good indication. Or, you may get a harassment complaint next week. =P

med neophyte said...

That is a great story. But I am sure you are not the only person to have something like this happen to them. In fact my labmate was telling me about running in tear away warm up pants at the University, stepping on the cuff and ripping them completely off.

Marysienka said...

hahaha! that's a good one!

I like the lead thing just because it keeps me warm in the freezing OR, but other than that, it's just a lot of troubles. I put a 2 piece one last week and the "skirt" kept slipping down but since I was assisting in this surgery, I couldn't hold it or pull it back up. I stressed the whole time! next time I'll put a 1 piece, long apron, trust me.

So, which surgical specialty do you like the most at this point?

Tall Medstudent said...

Well, I hope I'm not the only person that this has happened to. I'll avoid wearing tear away warm up pants at any time.

Yes, lead can keep you nice and warm on long overnight shifts, as I had over the weekend. I actually ended up with a two-piece, and enjoyed it. For a while, I considered keeping them as my new look. I had it on nice and tightly around my iliac spines, though, so it didn't fall down.

I no longer have any idea what I want to do anymore. Trauma surgery was fun too; I did that over the weekend. I should do a blog entry about it, but I've been tired out of my brain since last week.

In unrelated news, it snowed on Monday... it may snow again tonight.