Sunday, July 29, 2007

Survival of the Fittest

Obstetrics is going well; of the surgical specialties, this is by far my favourite so far. Did I already say that?

I just survived a week with three 24 hour shifts in it, so I'm a bit tired. One of the things with long shifts, is that you end up eating a lot in the hospital cafeteria. Options there are... limited, to say the least. However, the result has been an improvement in my diet, I think, as I have been consuming vegetarian sushi almost exclusively. Getting home, I'm too tired to go get take-out, so I'm eating mostly yogurt, Ensure, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate, thanks to my total life disorganization.

Recently, I bought a big box of chocolates from Bernard Callebaut for the nurses in one of the units I'd been working in. Unfortunately, I never got around to going back to drop it off. So... I opened it up and started eating it myself. And man, it's good stuff, bringing a bit of joy into my life every night (every night I'm home, that is). I'm sitting here with the taste of chocolate in my mouth as I type this; it's not just a moment of pleasure that it brings, but it also evokes memories of previous times and places, involving chocolate from various sources, like Burdick's, Serenade, or the chocolate of my youth: Rottenhöfer.

Anyways, I'm sure that right now there's an accountant at the head office of Wendy's, who's staring at some balance sheets, and thinking: "What's gone wrong in Calgary?"


med neophyte said...

Chocolate is an amazing thing. I realized tonight that I had not had a decent mocha since May. That is now rectified by Cafe Beano (they use Callebaut chocolate flakes) the best mocha in town.

I am doing a neurology elective now, and everyone that I have been having lunch with brings these fabulous, healthy lunches from home. I don't knwo how they do it! I hardly manage to get my hair washed and a clean shirt on in the morning.

Anna said...

yay babies! obstetrics is making me so broody...

chocolate is the food of gods, tho i strongly believe a person needs ovaries to truly appreciate its life affirming powers.

i agree with medneo - where do the healthy lunch freaks find the time, energy or inclination at 6am?

Anonymous said...

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