Sunday, August 28, 2005


Today I went to Globalfest. Specifically, I went to see the Vietnamese pavilion. They put on a funny and touching play/musical/dancefest telling the story of a Vietnamese immigrant to Canada. It's been 30 years since the fall of Saigon, and I guess people are starting to forget about Vietnam and the bad years they went through, especially now that things have changed so much over there. Well, the performance was great; my favourite scene was the cycling.

So, why did I go in the first place? Well, my mentor Albert was involved as a volunteer, and I like this kind of thing already, so that was all the reason I needed. My mentor is age 20 and in second year of meds, which I think is awesome. I should start calling him big bro or something.

Anyways, I went there by subway, which reminded me of yet another free thing here. Public transit! Yes, that's right, we don't get reduced price or even cheap monthly passes or anything like that at U of C, we get free public transit from late August until May sometime. Not too shabby, eh?

One last thing I wanted to mention. Remember my reference to Mme. Lalonde a couple of days ago? Well, I googled her, and here's the result.


The Mad Scientist said...

Wow - the GovGen award! Do you remeber strange exotic facts from history too? I think you should foward some of your future pay to her, as you may have become a McDo clerk or a drunk without her help.

Tall Medstudent said...

I could still become a McD clerk or a drunk...