Monday, September 19, 2005

The stars

I came in to work tonight for a bit of extra haematology studying. The northern sky was crystal clear, with the great bear bright over the hospital. A satellite crossed Andromeda.

The Bow valley is beautiful from the ridgeline, a mix of golden desciduous trees with evergreens. We're about to reach the peak of fall colours here. The fields are covered in frost as I walk to work in the mornings... ah, I'm back in Canada.

I promised Alex a report on the availability of Vachon products out here, but haven't gotten around to doing a full study yet. The local 7/11 (the post office inside it is actually open from 7 to 11) stocks *Super* Jos. Louis and *Super* Passion Flakie, although I haven't tried either. I don't need *Super* products. What am I to do? Well, the answer is easy. Safeway has the normal Jos. Louis and Passion Flakies in larger boxes.


The Mad Scientist said...

Imposters! Damn anglos. This is a plan to undermine Quebequois culture (in Calgary!)

I've always wondered if there was a connection between Mad Dog Vachon and Vachon inc.

Anonymous said...

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