Saturday, September 24, 2005


I ended up completing my research on the availability of Vachon products here in Calgary. Six-packs of Jos. Louis and Passion Flakie are available for $3.89, which is 65 cents each. Not bad; that US$0.55 each.

I went ahead and bought a six pack of each, along with a big bottle of Pepsi. Passion Flakies remind me of the summer of '87, when I took grade 13 Relations and Functions in summer school, out in the southwest of Ottawa. Got 100% in that, with not a single error on any of the midterms or on the final exam. I was on fire. I ate my first Flakie in the first week of that course, during the morning break, and after that, I must have had one a day for the duration of the course. I've rarely eaten Flakies since that summer...

Oh, by the way, I verified that the hospital burger joint (the garden cafe) does, in fact, use real cheese curds in its poutine. So, I'm very happy about that. I've picked up the habit of late-night poutine during breaks from studying; a Montrealer in my class (Marcel) and I are now called the 'Midnight Fryboys'. You can get poutine 23.25 hours per day here, thank God. There are, in fact, many Quebecois around, but I am not sure whether they consistute the majority of the market for poutine. Eastern Ontarioans, after all, have just as much poutine history as the Quebecois, but they're harder to spot in a crowd.

I'm going to Edmonton tomorrow to watch the finals of an inter-medical-school hockey tournament. Hopefully, U of C will dominate.

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