Thursday, March 29, 2007

Adjust It

After two weeks of clerkship, I thought that I had made a pretty good transition to the early waking schedule. I was wrong.

On 'Monday morning', I woke up and noted that it was awfully bright outside. Oh no! I'd slept in! I hurriedly put on my glasses, rolled out of bed, and looked at the clock. 12:15.. A.M.. Just after midnight. Okay, so I guess that it wasn't that bright outside. I went back to sleep.

Wednesday morning, something similar. My phone alarm went off, and I got up out of bed, turned it off, and collapsed back on the bed, to wait for my clock radio to go off a minute or two later. As I lay there, I thought, this is good, I managed to sleep soundly since 11 p.m., without waking up at all, so I got a full six hours of sleep. That was an improvement over previous nights. But, I was still quite tired. Very tired. Oh well, gotta live with it. Get up and hit the shower. Why hasn't my clock radio gone off yet? I looked at the time. 11:15 p.m.. Tuesday. I had slept for 15 minutes. The phone alarm turned out to have been the low battery warning. I went back to sleep.

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in, since we will start rounds late, at 7:30.. Maybe I can pop by the pulm rounds at 7, just for fun. :)


Marysienka said...

*pointing at you* I'm totally ROFL! ;)

Anna said...


I spent last week having nightmares about the musical I was in. Which meant I woke up every few hours singing it. It was disturbing.

Tall Medstudent said...

Hmm, are you in a musical, and dreamt about it, or do you dream about being in a musical?

I almost always dream about working. :(

Anna said...

I never dream about work. I have very bizarre dreams... and occasional hypnogogic sensations, which can be very frightening.

I was in a musical last week, and the dreams mostly involved calamities - forgetting the words, getting the scene wrong, people disappearing halfway through...

Ivor said...

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