Sunday, June 17, 2007

Falling Asleep

So, as I reported before, I finished surgery on Friday. Before heading off to the exam, me and my size 9 hands closed our last incision for a while, and wrote up our last OR note.

Well, to wrap up our current placements, Atopy, Rococo and I went for sushi on 4 Street on Friday night. Afterwards, we hit some café on 17 Avenue for dessert, which was a nice change from the usual routine.

Anyways, next is anaesthesia. It involves a lot of sitting around and reading, with the occasional IV start or intubation. Quite a change of pace. I can't say I'm looking forward to it much, as I hate that feeling of unpreparedness I always seem to have these days.

Midsummer is this week, and that means that by next weekend, the days will be getting shorter again. Winter is coming.


Marysienka said...

So, are you falling asleep in anesthesia (no pun)? Do you like it?

med neophyte said...

Shame on you for mentioning the dreaded W-word. With jinxing like that it will be snowing in August. Of course it might snow in August anyway.
And without me enjoying any of Calgary's summer.

Have a Stampede pancake for me.

Tall Medstudent said...

Ah, anaesthesia. It had me really stressed out over the weekend, but this has been a pretty good week...

Yes, well, we have yet to have much in the way of summer weather. Or, maybe it's because I'm always inside the hospital, that I don't notice the summer.

I have heard tell of Stampede breakfasts. I will have to try and make it to one.