Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Pics

It was another long day today. I was pretty beat by the time we things wrapped up at school. We had a thing in the evening concerning our clerkship: we have to rank our preferred schedules next week, which essentially means committing yourself to a specialty, since you have to choose a schedule that will put your favourite career choice right there, front and centre. Really, this is the number one reason why three-year medical schools should be eliminated. Why are people always in such a rush?

Anyways, I added a couple of photos from my pre-med-school wanderings in Turkey to my picasaweb gallery, just to kill some time.


med neophyte said...

Another great set of photos. It makes me want to pack a bag and run away.
Especially from trying make a lifetime decision.
Thankfully I had a meeting with my faculty advisor today. She was very reassuring and calmed me down with a list of people she knows that switched residency programs (not ideal but doable) after making an inappropriate decision.

Marysienka said...

Cool pix!
So, what are your choices? :)))))

Tall Medstudent said...

Thanks. I know, running away from it all is always an option. :)

I had a friend in Boston who switched from ophthalmology to cardiology after a year. It seems to be very easy to switch down south, because they have so many open residency positions, in just about any field (there's always some hospital somewhere that wants to exploit residents). So, I shouldn't really worry.

I wish I had shadowed more, though.

I'm thinking general surgery at the moment... but I also have a strong interest in internal. If I was younger, I'd go into surgery, work for 20 years, then go back and do internal! :)

Marysienka said...

I hear a number of ppl being interested in general internal med. but we really dont have many internists... ummm
I think it's cool though, internal med. It would probably be in my top 5.