Friday, September 15, 2006

Snow Snow Come Again

SIt's snowing outside right now. After brainstorming ideas for a project with Magic Pants, Rococo, and Bejeweled! for a few hours, it was time to call it a week, and MP, Rococo, and I headed over to 'Chili's' for dinner. Once we were seated inside the restaurant, it began to snow outside, and so I rushed out to commune for a few minutes with the first flakes of the year.

Oh, I finally got internet access at home this week. Hurrah! My life should be a bit easier from here on out. I also almost bought a 1-V, but it didn't work out; oh well.

Hoo, I love snow. :) Maybe I should head out for a walk... :)


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Tall Medstudent said...

Yep, snow. :) Unfortunately, the weather was too hot for it to accumulate, at a balmy 3 ˚C. The next morning, I saw a bit on the ground in Nose Hill park, but that was it.