Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poor Focus

Many things have happened in the past week, none of them important. I'll tell you about a few of them anyways.

First, I did some catsitting over the weekend. This involved me spending time with a cat, feeding and playing with him, and observing him. That was quite interesting. Speaking of entertainment, the person I was catsitting for has cable, which drove home the fact that I haven't had a television since coming to Calgary. I recognized very little of what was on.

I also watched a few movies. One of them was 'Vital', a bizarre film about a guy who suffers complete amnesia after an auto accident; after being taken home by his parents, he realizes that he remembers everything in the anatomy textbook in his cupboard, so off he goes to pursue medical school. Dissection, frenzied drawing of anatomy, and a love triangle ensue. In the end, not the most rewarding movie.

Let's see, what else to report? I played my first game of floor hockey in probably 13 years tonight; I joined a local team, succumbing to the peer pressure of Bejeweled! and The Chauffeur. I wasn't great, but I think I held my own; afterwards, a girl asked me whether I was a marathoner or a sprinter, she couldn't tell; perhaps I was into triple jump? She just knew I must do track. Boy, can people be wrong in their analyses.

To top off the evening, I got an extra-large double-double on the way home, and watched 'Der Untergang'. Wow, what a movie; I kept thinking about what my own ancestors were going through at that moment in time. Bruno Ganz is great. Oddly enough, I don't think I've actually seen a movie with him since 'Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin', a.k.a. 'Wings of Desire', which is a favourite of mine.

Ah, time for bed. :)


apalazzo said...

Wings of Desire ... probably one of the best movies ever made.

(BTW are you going to show us a pic of your worms??)

Tall Medstudent said...

It's a good one, all right.

Hopefully, such pics never come to pass. :)