Friday, January 19, 2007

Lappy's Back!

My computer is back from the shop. Phew! After getting it back, I immediately upgraded it to a 160 GB HD. Now I'm happy again.

I immediately ripped the CDs I got over the holidays, including "It's All Gone Pete Tong" and a Tengir-Too album. Good stuff. Then, I cooked up some Kraft dinner, opened up a bottle of wine, and enjoyed a good samurai movie, "Kiru" (aka "Kill!"). Damn, Tatsuya Nakadai was great back in the sixties; I'm glad to see he's still acting.

I'm glad to report that my stomach has adjusted well to my Kraft dinner diet.


Marysienka said...

Wine and Kraft dinner????


am said...


Tulula said...

Hey U!

Could you please reach back into your memory, B4 neon pasta & Top Ramen, and help us think of some easy Turkish dishes? We're hosting bookclub in a few weeks for Orhan Pamuk, Snow. If you give us the names, we can look up the recipes on the net. Thanks! (I understand if you're too busy for this, of course).


Tall Medstudent said...

You're right, wine and Kraft aren't so great together. :)

Ah Tulula, you got me thinking. I found a couple of sites. First, wikipedia has a Turkish cuisine page, but more useful is I'll just link to recipies from that site to get you started. I see that they have meal ideas too.

Let's see, I enjoy starting with mercimek soup (mercimek çorbası, in this case red, kırmızı). It should be served with a slice of lemon, and some bread for dipping. The yayla çorbası could be good too.

Perhaps a couple of side dishes could include stuffed peppers (biber dolması) and a shepherd's salad (çoban salatası).

For a main course, easiest is şiş kebap, but there's no recipe for it on that site! You need a good marinade to make it work. İskender kebap is an ultimate dish, but I wouldn't try it, since it won't come out correctly without a döner grill. Plus, you'd have had to have eaten a good example in the past, in order to know what you're shooting for.

Here's a şiş kebap recipe from another site, 'Marion's kochbuch'. You can get that translated by someone in the lab or maybe google or babelfish. It could use some rice on the side, and you'd be set.

For dessert, sütlaç or aşure would both be possibilities, although maybe aşure would be a bit weird.

For drinks, there's ayran. For alcohol, rakı, which you can find in Boston. I bought it at that liquor store on the way to Price Club or whatever that superstore is. They have a location in Alston too, but I never looked for rakı there. I forget the name of the chain.

Anyways, I can't vouch for those recipies, but hopefully that helps you out a bit. :)

Tulula said...

Thank U for the delicious recipes. We made the Mercimek Soup and Stuffed Peppers -- they were a hit! We also went to a Turkish market and got some stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage and stuffed eggplant. To top it off, there was baklavah & Turkish coffee. Pics are here:

Tall Medstudent said...

Sounds like a good time. Have I mentioned that the closest Turkish restaurant here, is in Edmonton, over three hours drive away...

There are a couple of Armenian food shops in Watertown, that are pretty popular... I never made it out that way, though.

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