Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Textbook Case

I made it through my exams just fine... hurrah! Unfortunately, yesterday, I was feeling a bit weird all day, then fell very ill right after I got home after dinner. I pulled out a textbook, self-diagnosed myself (a textbook GI case), and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening sick, instead of working on the first of three reports I need to finish by next week.

I should be back at it tomorrow, though. I missed a 'mandatory' small-group class today; I wonder what the repercussions of that will be.


Marysienka said...

I hope you feel better today! What was your Dx finally?

am said...

GI? What is that? Sounds...icky!

Tall Medstudent said...

I did get better, thankfully. :) The Dx was small bowel infection, either viral or toxic bacterial... you get the picture.

Icky, hmm, you could say that... :)

I spent the evening tonight in the dissection lab, going over my old work, which I have to write up by Friday. When that's done, I can breathe again.