Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome Back, Talls

I got back into town right around 3 o'clock in the morning on Monday. It took a good 45 minutes for my luggage to show up, so I was pretty tired when I got in my car and headed home. I was the only car on the road as I headed south on 19, cruising (crawling) along at a city standard of 45 km/h (gotta stay under the speed limit). Well, eventually a car pulled up on me very fast, and hugged my bumper. What's up with that, I thought to myself... it's a cop. After a minute and a half, her lights come on. Speeding? No. She ran my plates, basically out of boredom, and I wasn't registered. $115. Welcome home. Be careful, the streets are pretty slick tonight. Thanks.

Earlier that night, in Vancouver, it took me 45 minutes to check the bottle of duty-free vodka I'd bought for a classmate. Lucky the plane was almost two hours late, otherwise I'd have missed it. Well, it gave me something to do. I was surprised that a glass bottle in a plastic bag actually survived being checked.

Happily, Monday was redeemed when Rococo called me to go for a late lunch at Moxie's. The thing is, while the atmosphere there is great for a slow mid-afternoon meal, the menu has become tiresome. A new restaurant to hang in is needed, but none is evident.

Anyways, to (almost) quote Bruce:

Nineteen Street Northwest
Ridin' on a snowy night
'Neath the refinery's glow
Out where the great black rivers flow
License, registration, I ain't got none
But I got a clear conscience
'Bout the things that I done
Mister state trooper, please don't stop me
Please don't stop me, please don't stop me


med neophyte said...

Sucks about the ticket.
My registration expires today. Between that and renewing my passport I don't have to wonder what I am doing tomorrow.

Marysienka said...

Oooh it sucks about the ticket. We learnt yesterday we have to put money in the parking meter until 9pm on weekdays here. Of course, we had to learn the hard way! What kind of city does that?!?

Bil The Man said...

I tried to tell you you shouldn't go back to that crazy country. We've got everything you need down her in La La. Oh well.

Funny note, the wife's aunt asked her last time we were in the CR if we eat a lot of hamburgers. Her impression of america is that we eat hamburgers every meal. Funny that we fit the stereotype on some level. Still, can't beat the ol' In-N-Out. To quote Donny "Those are some good burgers."

Oh, and to quote the Dude, "You're not wrong you are just an asshole."

med neophyte said...

I went to the In n Out on my trip to San Fransisco. The burgers were okay. Still not as good as Peter's Drive Through.

Malibu Police Chief - "Keep your ugly f**kin' goldbrickin' ass out of my beach community"

Tall Medstudent said...

Marysienka: I hate parking tickets! They're so mean.

bil: I guess that it was the karmic penalty I had to pay for not changing my flight to Monday... thanks for the good times in LA. :)

MedNeo: I hope you renewed. :) Really, you can drive for months without a registration. My mistake was being the only guy on the road.

I am under the impression that if you want to go to In-N-Out Burger, you should go to the original location, which is what The Man did for me; that was some good burger. Funny enough, though, I still haven't been to Peters' Drive-In. Maybe that can be on my list of things to do this weekend. Their queues are always too long.

Tall Medstudent said...

BTW, I have no idea what a goldbrickin' ass is. Oh wait, I think I get the picture...

med neophyte said...

Even if you don't go to Peters' for a burger, the milk shakes are worth the wait.

Walter - "I can get you a toe"

Tall Medstudent said...

That's probably my favourite line in the movie...

The Peters' Drive-In E. coli O157:H7 milkshake outbreak happened in the spring before I arrived in town... and that may have contributed to the delay in my going there. :)

Interestingly, Rococo told me that she actually got sick from a milkshake from Peters', one week before the outbreak hit...

Anyways, it's on my schedule for lunch today. I'll report back on the subject in a post this evening... :)

med neophyte said...

Apparently the E coli was in the marshmallow flavouring in the milshakes. I am not saying anyone deserves E coli, but who eats marshmallow milkshakes? Really, its just unnatural.

Dude - "I like your style too, man. Got a whole cowboy thing goin'."