Friday, January 27, 2006

Back to Life, Back to Reality

My health has more-or-less returned to me. All I have left now is a frog in my throat. In small group today, I tried to ask a question, and it took me four starts; all I could get out were strange croaks and rasps.

This week has been a bust. All I did was be sick and be studious. This weekend, with 'Friends' season 10 disk 1 out of the way, the studying should continue. Oh, what delights.

I also went for a spin on my motorcycle today. I finally went for that out-of-province inspection. The bike passed, with a tire replacement. The car didn't fare so well. I have to get some stuff done to it next week, something to do with some axle or universal joint housing cracking or something. Next week, though, I should register both of them and be totally legit. In the meantime, as Bruce said:

License, registration, I ain't got none.
But I got a clear conscience,
About the things that I done.

What was it I wanted to say today? I thought that I had something to say...

Oh yeah, happy Mozart's 250th birthday, everyone!


AM said...

Happy Lunar New Year! :op

Bil The Man said...

Damn it man. What is it with cars!? Our car is now making grinding noises. Not cool. We're celebrating the New Year with a bunch of Chinese faculty members. Should be interesting.

Tall Medstudent said...

Lunar New Year, I completely missed it. I'm living on the edge of civilization up here.

What car did you buy? I didna hear about that... Porsche? Ferrari? Something appropriate for a young professor? Oh wait, maybe something hybrid?