Monday, January 16, 2006


I had a pretty stressful weekend, what with our cardio exam coming up this Friday. So, it was nice to sleep in a bit this morning. Just after ten, I heard the mailman arrive, so I got up to see what had arrived today. First, a notice that my Swahili books are down at the post office waiting for pickup, and second, 'Degrassi: The Next Generation', season one, disk one. Yes!

I watched the first two episodes. The time and place: it's the ten-year reunion of the Degrassi High class, and the setting remains Toronto. The plotline is split between the adults and the kids. With the kids, Emma is sucked in by a cyberstalker, but saved by her |-|4x0r friends. On the adults' side: Joey and Caitlin meet for the first time in ten years. Wow, you could cut the air with a knife!

I was a bit surprised about how well the Joey character still worked; some nice acting. More surprising to me, though, was that the episodes were directed by Bruce MacDonald, with Don McKellar guest-starring. MacDonald was the guy who directed 'Highway 61'; I didn't realize that he had moved towards TV since then. McKellar was one of my favourite actors back in the nineties, great in so many Atom Egoyan movies; I should dig around a bit to watch some of his more recent stuff.

This morning's score:

Degrassi: 2
Cardio: 1


Xyzzy said...

How we envy you Earthlings, who take such pleasure in people and places that are sprung to life from others' imaginations. It must be a thrill!

Tall Medstudent said...

Well, as everyday life is all filtered through the imagination, the world of fiction should not be easily dismissed. After all, when we interact with other people, we generally form an image of them in our head, which is usually pretty far off of their own identities. Similarly, our own self-image is often based in irreality.

The human brain will either need to further evolve, to introduce a better interaction with reality, or deevolve, to reduce the power of the imagination.