Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Another year, another MacWorld. Once again, the rumour mill was more or less completely wrong in all their predictions. All models that 'reliable sources' predicted would be renewed, weren't, and all models that they predicted would not be, were. Okay, the PowerMacs weren't replaced, but that is the sole exception to that statement.

Anyways, although I really wanted to buy my parents a new Mac Mini, I'm pretty happy to see that the iMac is finally a nice machine. However, I have no use for one.

I'm also happy that my 17" is still not out of date. :)

It's a beautiful night here in Calgary, with an icy fog in the air, and a thin layer of fresh snow on the ground...


Xyzzy said...

Did you happen to read about any new telepathic technology by which your kind and mine can interface? (besides the Internet of course)

Tall Medstudent said...

No, but Jobs ended his keynote with a 'see you soon', so maybe they have just such a device up their sleeve, for an announcement in the near future.

Toby said...

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Eustace said...

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