Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Still Studying

I got a few good hours of studying in today, which has put me in a pretty good mood this evening. Of course, now I'm surfing the web again, instead of reading. No probs, I just won't go to sleep until I'm half-ready for Friday. I don't have to be in the cardio clinic until 9:30 tomorrow morning, so I can sleep in a bit.

I almost blew it, though, because I decided to go buy some pop this evening. Once I got to the supermarket, I decided that I'd pick up some frozen spinach. Not one of those big blocks of spinach, because so are so hard to work with, but instead those frozen chunks of cut spinach you can buy out east.

I'd never seen spinach like this before Christmas, but back home, you can buy it frozen into these standardized ice-cube-sized chunks, so that when you want to eat some spinach, you just unfreeze, say, three chunks, and you're set. The rest of the spinach stays nice and frozen in your freezer, and there's no hammer required.

Well, I couldn't find any at the supermarket. So, I decided that by hook or by crook, I would not return home until I found them. So, I headed to another supermarket, and again had no luck, despite a thorough dig through the freezer section.

I was about to head further out into the suburbs to the nearest 'Real Canadian Superstore', but reason won out. I got a burger to go from Harvey's, and hit the books again.

Anyways, speaking of food, I bought a little wheel of Oka cheese recently. Haven't had that in a long time; mmm, what a great cheese.


A.M. said...

How old are you by the way?

Bil The Man said...

He's way too old to be watching Degrassi but that is what makes him a special guy. Not short bus special, just special.

Marysienka said...

So you really study, huh? I didn't know that. ;)

Tall Medstudent said...

I'm what is called a 'mature' student. As Bil points out, that only refers to my physical age, not my mental age. Luckily, Oil of Olay does wonders...

I do study a bit. I need more self discipline. :( Thank goodness for the 'Toronto Notes'.

Anonymous said...

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