Sunday, March 05, 2006

Busy Bee

Yesterday was the last day of interviews for next year's class. After seeing all these people coming to interview, and after many discussions with people about what makes a good candidate and what doesn't, I am now once again wondering how the heck I got into meds. As the interviews proceeded, we found out what questions were being asked; they turned out to be your typical medschool questions about ethics, empathy, truthtelling, etc. Going over my answers from last year, I realize that I gave the 'wrong' answers for most questions. However, I don't know if that was good or bad, since I also didn't give the 'standard' answers, that it seems that almost all applicants give. I am thinking of going over my application file in the admissions office, just to find out what it was that they liked about me.

Anyways, evidently, things have been pretty busy, as I haven't had time to post recently. I'm way behind in personal email, phone calls, etc, as well... gotta catch up this week.

Oh, the moon was incredible on Wednesday night. The crescent seemed to be at a very strange angle... Have I not been paying attention?


Marysienka said...

Here, when they send their answer, we get a sheet with the the points we got during the evaluation (communication skills, empathy, leadership, etc.) and our rank. However, I'd like to see the detailed sheet they have during the interview. And most of all, I'd like to know how I could score that high on the letters (2) we had to write. I really wonder about their criterias on this (although there's no complaining here;) )!
The interviews aren't until the last week of April, and I'd pay to be with the interviewers ;-P

well, I guess I have to go back to my cardio now. I'm so poor in that subject, it's scary.

am said...

So your never specifically said. I'm curious! Care to share? Maybe the general vicinity? By the way, I'm abducting your visitor counter thingy. Hehe. :o)

Tall Medstudent said...

Hmm, interesting; we get no feedback. They don't even tell us our position in the waiting list. However, we can go out of our way, pay a small fee, and look at our full record...

Cardio is a good time. :)

Oh, my age... yes, I never did reveal it. :) I'm old enough that I don't like to think about it. Yeah, I love the little map thingy, and the counter makes for some entertaining statistics.

Bil The Man said...

I forgot to mention that the moon angle has bothered me as well. I tried to consider the fact maybe that doesn't matter. Shouldn't the orientation be dependent on how you look at it. I guess that relative to the horizon it should have an orientation that means something to us but high in the sky it shouldn't matter.

Tall Medstudent said...

Yeah, it freaked me out. I was wondering if the earth had chanded its axis of rotation by 45 degrees, and life as we know it would change forever.