Friday, March 10, 2006

Pork Barrel

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can cook up a pork roast quite like me. I stuck one in the oven on Tuesday evening, in time to eat a nice big juicy slice at midnight. Mmm, mmm.

Unfortunately, now I've had pork for almost every meal since then. I should run out on Sunday night...

I finished reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha' tonight, so I can return it to the person who insisted I read it. Next up, maybe I'll read an actual renal text. Sadly, the textbook I bought for the course has the definitions of molarity and molality wrong. They tried to simplify the concept so that we dumb medstudents could understand it, but they simplified it to the point where their explanation was completely wrong. Oh well, I have found errors in most of the textbooks I've used since entering meds, so I suppose this isn't much worse. However, if they get the easy stuff like molality wrong, then how much can you trust the more complex stuff?

Okay, forget textbooks for a moment. Tomorrow should be a good day, since I'm going to head up to Lake Louise and Banff. Where to eat? Last time I was up there, I dragged Magic Pants, Rococo, and Bejeweled! to tea at the Banff Springs, against their will. Hmm, where can I find some nice pork in Banff?


Bil The Man said...

What did you think of Geisha? I'm not mad that I read it but I thought it was a bit shallow. Definitely written by a man trying to imagine how a women would think about things. I thought there could have been a lot more depth to the characters. Don't see the movie. Ziyi is great (she is nice to look at) and Yeoh is always good; however, the story is driven by dialogue and the movie can't capture that.

Anna said...

Smurfy? what the ....? i used to go to a school where we were known as smurfs, due to the colour of our uniform matching the actual smurfs (it was bright blue).

i must confess to never having read memoirs of a geisha. really enjoyeed the film tho. one i will finally get round to reading at some point i'm sure.

and i've never been much of a fan of roast pork - but i do love my mum's sunday roast chicken, or beef with yorkshire pudding!

define_me said...

Yum. I love roast pork. I recently bumped into a recipe of it online. One of these days, I'll be courageous enough to make it.

Tall Medstudent said...

Ah, Geisha. What did I really think of it? Yeah, it did read like a feminization of a male voice. As far as the meat of the story went, it felt like the author had all these little tidbits to share from his research, that he had to stick in somewhere. Also, parts of the storyline seemed to have been tacked in after the fact, in order to enhance Sayuri's raison-d'ĂȘtre, and didn't fit in with the flow of the text. What else... I thought it was interesting how he had to desexualize the main character, in order to not portray geishas as being 'ethically challenged', but then later had to resexualize her, in order to make her, well, human; that little tatami-maker aside felt like an edit. Finally, the memoir pretension didn't work for me, for a book that was mostly dialogue. Who records a memoir that exactly quotes long conversations fifty years in the past? Anyways, I suppose that despite the problems with it, it met the expectations I had for it. :) So, I was satisfied enough. It was still a decent romance. :P I don't know exactly why I would read a romance novel, though.

Yes, smurfy, as in, "Life is just smurfing smurfy these days." Hmm, it would be pretty funny to come from a school of smurfs, instead of being the 'lions' or 'tigers' or 'bears' or something to that effect.

Pork is a great meat, but these days is usually overdried or cooked at too high a temp. Yorkshire pudding, I could probably eat every day, given the opportunity.

Anna said...

yay for yorkshire pudding! i really wasn't very sure that would cross the cultural boundary but glad to see such a very english gastronomic delight has made it!

(a whole hog spit roast is better - moist, flavourful, meatilicious)

Jacob said...

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