Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My life has become rather boring recently. The high point of the weekend was that I came down with a throat infection. It sucked, of course, being feverous and sore, with a general malaise about me. I noted a drop in my cognitive ability. 'Obtund' was the best word to describe me on Sunday.

Monday was worse, as I started the day by wacking the back of my head so badly on the bottom of the door of my medicine cabinet that it still hurts. My deficits now focused on attention and concentration. 'Confused' would describe my behaviour for the rest of the day.

In this state of mind, I'm still trying to figure out my future. A week ago, I was set on general surgery. Now, I'm having second thoughts, and trying to organize my clerkship to allow internal as a backup. How about paediatrics? I can slip that in too. The next year and a half will not be easy.

On the plus side, it kind-of snowed again on Monday morning, although it was still too warm for it to settle on the ground. Oh, and I've pretty much defeated whatever virus it was that had the nerve to infect me.

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