Friday, October 28, 2005


Today, I had my first follow-up appointment with my plastic surgeon. First of all, my passive range of motion was surprisingly good. Secondly, the bone itself appears to have already healed a once-again-surprising amount. Physio starts Monday, and the splint will be gone in two weeks. Frisbee forbidden for eight weeks, though.

Evidently, I'm a superhealer who should be studied.

Or, maybe my rapid healing is thanks to the bearded guy I ran into in an entranceway of Foothills last week, who used his healing hands on the fracture.


Biltheman said...

Where did he put his healing hands? On the fracture... If that really worked maybe you actually met Jesus. You should spread the word and start a cult, sorry, church. Woohoo. I love religiion.

Tall Medstudent said...

Well, you never know.