Monday, October 24, 2005

Yellow and Blue

Those are the colours of my left arm, mostly yellow from the forearm to the fingers, with touches of blue at the wrist and knuckles. I can barely move my fingers anymore, after just one week of immobilization. It should be even worse, when I am finally free of the splint. Yowzers.

To encourage my hand in its healing, I mentally projected a slightly-modified Yoko Ono lyric to it today, from 'Milk and Honey'. With my best mental Yoko accent, of course.

My hands, so beautiful
My hands, I even dream about them
In a day, no matter how many times we meet, it is not enough
In a lifetime, no matter how many times we meet, it is not enough
My metacarpals, so beautiful
My metacarpals, I even dream about them

I hope that helps healing along. Six weeks like this? Neo-Plastic Ono power to the rescue!


Bil The Man said...

Oh No! Not Yoko!

Tall Medstudent said...

The 'WE LOVE YOKO' Yoko fan club mailing list that I was on got hijacked by anti-Yoko yokels. :(

They will only learn how wrong their mode of thinking is, when they try to walk across the lake.

The Man said...

Hmm, I think they will be safe on any lake in Calgary. Yoko's warnings will be necessarilly unheeded. Oh man, it hurts my brain to remember....

Tall Medstudent said...

When you guys are missing me, just listen to that mp3... and you'll be glad I'm gone. :)