Saturday, November 05, 2005


The run in Banff turned out to be quite fun. I ran with my upperclassman and mentor, Albert. The temperature wasn't too bad, at least for the first half of the race; it was just a few degrees below zero, maybe -6 degrees Celsius. We kept a slow pace, partially due to the density of runners, and finished alive and well. That was my personal goal. At the finish line, all the runners got two beers. Funny, I wanted something non-alchoholic, so I was out of luck!!! There was water somewhere, but I couldn't find it. How bizarre is that? How about something with electrolytes in it, besides beer, people? Granted, the beer was light beer, so I guess it would have been acceptable, had I not been driving back to Calgary afterwards. Had half of a banana and a cookie, though, which was dinner.

I desperately want some prime rib. Maybe next week sometime.


Bil The Man said...

This was only 8km. I thought you canucks were a hardy bunch. No wonder canada always loses at hockey. Hmm, maybe living in the US made you soft. Beer should be the nectar of life to you loonies!

The Mad Scientist said...

"No wonder canada always loses at hockey."


Do you invent stuff up because you're American?

Tall Medstudent said...

Nobody else there thought that it was strange that beer was the drink provided for post-race rehydration. I think that I have gone soft at least somewhat, but then again, I ran partway up a mountain and back down again in subzero conditions, so I guess that there is still a kernel of manliness about me.

However, I was 19 minutes slower than the last time I ran an 8k race! That was back in TO, though.

Xyzzy said...

Sounds like a delightful journey. I so loved beer and bananas when I visited Earth -- although it must have been quite a sight for you earthlings, a pear eating a banana! Happy travels!


Tall Medstudent said...

How similar must two species be, for it to become socially unacceptable for one to eat the other? On your planet, are pears, the fruit, viewed as edible?

zazuxyzzy said...

Sadly, fruit does not exist on Otonya. I have not reported to my comrades back home about the existence of fruit on Earth, because if I did, they'd be rushing down. Lacking stomachs, we don't eat in the same manner that you do. We absorb nutrients at an impressive rate!

Anonymous said...

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