Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, if I can't go to Thanksgiving, then Thanksgiving will come to me. As I mentioned in my last post, I backed out of Big Poppa's dinner to freak out over neuro. Well, Big Poppa brought a complete meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos, mashed yam, beans, a bun, and cranberry sauce to school today, which I enjoyed for dinner. I broke open a bottle of 2003 Mouton Cadet Bordeaux to enjoy along with it. Wow, a great meal, which reminded me of warm memories of Thanksgivings past. Thus, today's title.

To top it off, I've had a couple of good days musically as well. Yesterday brought me a shipment that included a couple of Faye Wong disks that I had been missing, along with the special edition of 'Smile Again'. This evening I picked up a package from the post office, that completed my original-release Pizzicato Five collection. I had been missing 'Ça et là de Tokyo' up until now (okay, it's a rerelease, but what can a guy do?). Also, I've recently been thinking of submersing into Québécois rock, and lo and behold, today Fluorescent Boy introduced me to a couple of tracks from Anik Jean and Les Cowboys Fringants. It reminded me that I've been meaning to invest in a Beau Dommage album, to rekindle my youth. If that wasn't enough, this aft, Ché slipped me some rips of Cuban and latin tunes he picked up over the summer.

Anyways, to finish off this post, I've been tagged by Med Neophyte, and am supposed to list twenty random things about me. Twenty is a lot of random facts, so I will cut it down to ten useless factoids; otherwise, I'll run out of mysteries.

1) Okay, where do I start? I believe that life is way, way too short. I was just thinking, I often think of my Glory Days (à la Bruce), and yet here I am currently living another complete set of them, as we type. Lucky!

2) One of my favourite pastimes is shovelling snow.

3) I liked yellow as a kid, then moved on to green. That change of heart may or may not have been related to snow.

4) I enjoy glycobiology more than any other form of biochemistry.

5) I am an Apple maniac, as if you couldn't tell. I spend my days waiting for the perfect Mac to be released.

6) I like cars and planes that have plenty of leg room, and houses with high ceilings.

7) I'm a foreign film addict; if only my textbooks were subtitled. :(

8) I lack drive. I am where I am today, only through the efforts and inspiration of others. Without certain people in my past, I'd be a computer-game-playing comic-book-reading bum (oh wait, that describes me quite well).

9) Sadly (or happily, depending on your feelings about evolution), nobody wants to see me in short shorts.

10) Next week will be rough.

I could pass on the tag to Marysienka, but Anna's already tagged her!


am said...

Random facts, eh? Age!!! j/k :op

med neophyte said...

Thanks for playing along. Now I know who to call when we get our first big dump of snow :)
Good luck next week!

Marysienka said...

Yay for la musique québécoise!
Do you understand what they say at least? ;o)

Bil said...

I want some Cuban tunes. Hmm, interesting set of random facts. Drive you definitely don't lack, what you often lack is focus (very different). I have a MacBook. What does that say about me? I don't want to see you in shorts.

This job is getting harder. That sucks.

Tall Medstudent said...

There was some good stuff in the Cuban mix.

Ah, the MacBook. You know, Sam already messaged me that you bought it. :) How are you enjoying it? My classmate Rococo also just bought one; I haven't seen it yet.

Teaching yet? You can never work enough hours in science... :(