Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tied Up

You know you're having fun when you spend Friday evening practicing tying one-handed knots. One hundred forwards, one hundred backwards. Repeat for the other hand, to attain ambidexterity. Do this every night, before going to bed. It reminds me of knitting.

Why did I begin this regime this week? I began my 40-hour pediatric surgery clinical 'encounter' this week. I also spent a couple of hours in obs/gyn surgery. I think I'm mostly over my fear of screwing up, and I'm ready to actually become helpful... anyways, I'm really excited about all this upcoming OR time.

Meanwhile, my apartment has turned into a pigsty lately. I rectified the problem today, and did some baking too, to top off the day.


Candice said...

wow does the knot thing really work?! what material do you use??

are there any other exercises to increase dexterity??

Tall Medstudent said...

Yes, I'm a total one-handed tie master now.

Here's the funny thing: my preceptor recommended using the strings on a mask. It's actually very convenient and fun, and although the string is obviously nothing like suture, you get all the hand motions worked out.

Knitting: that's a dexterity exercise if there's ever been one. :)