Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Another course has come and gone; we had our neuropathology peripatetic yesterday, and the final exam today. Neuro completely failed to grab my attention; I guess the problem was that I already had a rough idea about a lot of the diseases involved, before the course started, so the full seven weeks really wasn't necessary.

Luckily, the ophthalmology section was interesting, primarily because I now know how to spell 'ophthalmology'. What a great word.

Unfortunately, not so great, was that after the exam, we headed to the local pub for a couple of drinks. They have free peanuts, so I ate a lot of them. One tasted exactly like blue cheese, which is not how peanuts are supposed to taste. Now, I have this terrible feeling in my tummy.

It actually snowed most of the day yesterday, and into this morning. Still no accumulation, though, since the ground remains too warm.


Anna said...

argh! I haven't been getting any of these posts on my sodding laptop! I look and yet I do not see. Seriously, since end of september none of these posts have been coming up on my screen. I thought you'd actually deserted the internet. Now I feel like a bad person because I didn't even read anything of yours, let alone comment. I wasn't my fault tho, honest.

And now I've lost my own blog. I know things are working, cos I linked up my email so I'm getting comments and stuff, but I can't see anything past Oct 15th.

What have I done wrong? Do you, or anyone else out there know how to fix it? I tried swtiching to beta, but thats not helped. Argh!

Tall Medstudent said...

An odd problem... yup, as you see, I've been here the whole time, living as dull a life as ever. :)

Sounds like a caching problem with your browser. Try deleting your cache, or try a different browser. The source of the problem could depend on what OS you're using...

Anna said...

ah, it is the browser! I will beat the offending programme over the head with a stick until it complies. Or maybe even try your advice! Thanks!

Tall Medstudent said...

It's a good time to upgrade browsers. October 2006 has given us a couple of tasty new selections, including the Firefox 2.0 release candidates and ie7.